Pringles får en ansiktslyftning
Chipsbolaget Pringles meddelar att man gett sin maskot Mr. P en ansiktslyftning för första gången på två decennier. Maskoten har fått nya ögonbryn och en ny fluga. Mustaschen fick vara kvar. Dessutom har Pringles uppdaterat förpackningsdesignen som ska lyfta fram smakerna och den unika stapelbara formen på chipsen.
”We’ve spent the last three years developing the new look for our cans as well as Mr. P, as we wanted to launch a style that reflects the bold flavour in every Pringles can. While they may look different on the outside, snackers can be confident that there are no changes to the flavoursome taste that’s always been on the inside of every Pringles can. Our new look only celebrates the unique snacking experience that is part of every bite”, skriver Hend Koverman, marknadschef för Pringles i Sverige, i ett mejl till FoodMonitor.
”The new Pringles can features bold hues and a clean design, to better highlight the crisps’ inventive flavours and iconic, stackable shape. Pringles also streamlined Mr. P’s style with a fresh, modern look to better highlight the flavours in every can and a new range of facial expressions to match. With a sleeker look, Pringles is bringing the focus back on the flavour and crunch in every Pringles crisp and stack.”
Foto: Pringles.